The Electrifying, Multiple Patents pending, Mobile Tire Service Revolution

Ecube Equipment

As mobile tire servicing becomes more and more popular throughout Europe, the US and Canada, innovation in how these on-the-go tire shops operate must keep up. Our ecube looks to do just that. By combining all of the necessary tools and functions in traditional mobile tire service vehicles into one, the ecube’s compact design allows the mechanic to work in an upright position while inside any light commercial vehicle or trailer.

Not only does this make the mechanic’s job easier, but also creates space for more tires and service equipment to be stored in the vehicle ensuring more profitable ‘stops’. Additionally, the ecube does not require a generator onboard, which means no fumes or noise pollution. Even with its compact and lightweight design the ecube makes no compromises on functionality and robustness, it is still capable of changing tires from 10 inches to 24 inches.
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Gomobile Portland (OR)
Youngblood Auto and Tire (Austin Tx)
Mobile Tire Changing / Mobile Tire solutions / Tire (de)mounting
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Mobile Tire Changing / Tire (de)mounting / Tire balancing
ecube, Mobile Tire Solutions
Mobile Tire Changing / Mobile Tire solutions / Tire (de)mounting / Tire balancing
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Mobile Tire Changing / Tire (de)mounting / Tire balancing / Worldwide shipping

Ecube, the Electrifying Mobile Tire Revolution

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