You can find all documentation here.

We strongly encourage checking local regulations before considering placing an ecube in your van.

ecube is the market leader in mobile tire service. We are one of the first and most advanced machine manufacturers in the market! The ecube is made in The Netherlands with high quality materials, including Italian motor parts & Dutch stainless steel.

ecube is designed, developed and made in The Netherlands (EU).

Customization is rarely necessary, as our standard build fits most vans. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

This depends on your van’s specifications. The ecube can fit in most vans thanks to its modularity, allowing the powerbox to be placed seperate from the machine with help of an additional side plate. When measuring, please mind the movability of the helper arms.

The dimensions of the ecube may be found here.

ecube is equipped by its own powerbox which can perform as an EV charging point and power supply for the tire changer and balancer. Besides the powerbox is DCDC charging from the car battery optional. ecube has a pneumatic cylinder and air controlled helper arms. Thanks to the inbuilt compressor and tank, this is all possible within one unit.

Yes these are available. We have demo units at our headquarters in The Netherlands, but also at our dealerships in other countries. Please contact us for the possibilities!

If you are a B2B, looking to become one of our dealerships, we would recommend you to contact us through the website. We may forward you to one of our partners if necessary.


If you are facing issues while installing your ecube or desire further information before installation, do not hesitate to contact us or one of our dealerships! We are happy to have a (video) call or schedule a visit to our headquarters/dealership with you.

When our machines have updates or require further support, you may always contact us. Even when your machine is outside warranty we will be able to provide you with updates, which are mainly aimed at the touchscreen.

ecube university is our online platform where courses are handed out. Currently the ecube university is still under construction but in the future this will be the key source of information for when your first ecube arrives. The courses exist out of multiple elements: repairs, maintenance, tips & tricks and of course the whole tire changing process.

You can contact us through our online form, per email or at +31 165 394018

When your ecube is defect after your warranty period, spare parts can almost always be ordered. Please contact your ecube sales person in this case for further details.

Our headquarters are located in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. We are only available for visitors who made an appointment. Please contact us beforehand if you plan to visit us.